Case Study

Healthcare startup BioMonde, is a European wound care company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of larval debridement therapy products for chronic, infected and necrotic wounds. Larval Therapy involves the use of greenbottle fly larvae, which are introduced into a wound to remove necrotic, sloughy or infected tissue. The technique, which has been used for centuries, has been reintroduced into modern medicine because larvae are able to cleanse wounds much more rapidly than conventional dressings.
BioMonde was looking to establish a visually engaging and credible online and offline presence in the markets it was targeting directly in the UK, Germany and the USA and via channel partners thought the rest of Europe. Although heavily regulated, as their solutions are classed as medical products, they wanted to have a brand that had a style that was clear, light and tone of voice that was informative and friendly. 
Excited by and willing to adopt new ideas and technology BioMonde has embraced a number of digital solutions that for its size show it is a progressive and forward thinking company. Moriarti produced an animated video of the Larval Therapy process, an LMS system to provide an e-learning Academy for clinical practitioners and a Sales and Marketing iPad application in English and German that enables and ensures that their sales people in each territory only use the correct version of their sales and marketing collateral. 
Services Provided
Stationery Design
Website Design (multi-lingual)
LMS Design
Digital Animation & 3D Modelling
Marketing Collateral
Exhibition Design
Sales & Marketing Asset Management Tool
Responsive Website
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BioBag Application Animation Video

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Larval Academy Responsive Website

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