Case Study

The ETVi HD digital solution is the world’s only true end- to-end digital guest room media entertainment and information solution. The in-room entertainment of the past is quickly giving way to an entirely new dimension of digital guest entertainment and information. An unprecedented array of services and conveniences that are all coming together with the picture superiority, cost-efficiency and application scalability.
The Brief
iBAHN started porting ETVi over to new a new HD infrastructure and quickly realised that the existing SD UI was not fit for purpose on the new generation of 1080p capable displays being installed in hotels all over the world.
Moriarti were asked to look at all aspects of the design the GUI for high definition display, and how it could be expanded and enhanced for the greater resolution.
The Response
Upon successfully securing the business with a demonstration of our expertise in user interface and experience design, Moriarti embarked on the project by initially benchmarking all of ETVi’s competitors, both directly in the hospitality sector, and in a wider context with the user experience that customers were used to in their own homes.
The interface GUI was updated and expanded for the new high definition formats, including adding a full seven day electronic programme guide, video and audio on demand players, web browser, email application, guest and hospitality services.
In addition to this Moriarti produced high definition animation sequences for use on the system on boot-up and visualiser videos for playback during music and radio playback. This video has also been personalised for different hotel chains.
Maybe next time you are on holiday, you’ll have the pleasure of using ETVi’s great service on a glorious 50 inch HD display.
Services Provided
UI Design
UX Design
Motion Graphics
Electronic Programme Guide UI/UX
Main menu
Now / Next Banner
Radio Menu