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Larval Therapy involves the use of greenbottle fly larvae, which are introduced into a wound to remove necrotic, sloughy or infected tissue. The technique, which has been used for centuries, has been reintroduced into modern medicine because larvae are able to cleanse wounds much more rapidly than conventional dressings.
Larval Academy required UX and UI design for an e-learning course that teaches the skills required to become an accredited practitioner of Larval Therapy. The course is available on the web to any potential practitioner of Larval Therapy. The e-learning is tracked through several modules, with a successful outcome being a full pass and certification in Larval Therapy.
Moriarti worked with together with  the client and internal developers to design and develop the UX and UI, as well build a responsive web frame work for the e-learning course. The course was developed in an extensively customised off the shelf LMS system.
Services Provided
UI Design
UX Design
Responsive Web Development

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