Pill Reminder

Case Study

Higher Nature is an independently owned UK company that was founded on a set of principles and a vision to provide high quality, well-researched nutritional products. They are committed to providing their customers with the best, natural and most effective supplements for optimum health and to supplying these to the highest standards of service possible.
The Brief
Higher Nature had a requirement for a new, free iOS and Android app that would help their customers to manage their supplements and medications, with minimum impact on their daily lives. The client required the app to allow the user to enter details of any pills, supplements or medication they are presently taking, and more importantly, set reminders for when they should be taken. The app should also remind the user of re-order dates, give an overview of your daily, weekly and monthly reminders and events.
Another requirement of the app was for the user to be able to easily order and repeat order Higher Nature products with the inclusion of a full e-commerce solution. The app also keeps the user up to date with any offers or nutrition news.
The Response
Working with a contractor in-house, Moriarti produced a fully native iOS and Android app that fully answered the client brief and offered the Higher Nature customers a useful utility to make the management of their supplement and medications much easier than previously. It also allowed easier access to the point of purchase and made a large impact of Higher Natures sales from e-commerce channels.
Services Provided
iOS and Android Native Applications
UX Design
UI Design

Reminders Screen

My Reminders, Login and Shop screens

Setting a Pill Reminder and Calendar views